Decorating Custom Glass Components

DecoratingDecorating custom glass components can assist in brand recognition, quality control, and protecting your customers from unknowingly using off-brand components. At PEG, we have the ability to make each of your components unique with an identifying serial number. As a result, this allows you and your customers to enhance quality control and track inventory.


Options for Decorating Custom Glass Fabricated OEM Components

PEG specializes in laser engraving, sandblasting, and decals on custom fabricated OEM components. In addition, our special capabilities include applying scales, logos, and serial numbers. For example, we typically decorate components that include syringe glass, flowmeters, and ICP Components.


Decorating Custom Glass Identifies Unique Components

Decorating custom glass components helps brand and trace pieces. In order to meet compliance requirements and more, PEG specializes in laser engraving logos and/or serial numbers on quartz. Moreover, we engrave on a variety of metals, graphite, and engineered plastics. We can also use other decorating techniques depending on your unique requirements.


PEG’s Laser Engraving Includes Serial Numbers, Logos, and Part Numbers

When it comes to laser engraving and other forms of decorating, we offer RoHS & REACH compliant methods of marking components with serial numbers, part numbers, logos, positioning marks, brand marks, and more. In order to meet this need, our in-house team specializes in high-precision work.


Ease the Complexity of Inventory Management and Returns

Inventory and returns are simplified with our decorated components. Furthermore, decorating has the bonus attribute of easing the functionality and use of your products.

With our laser engraving process, we also add a serial number that states the week of manufacture, the year, and an order number (wwyy-xxx) to your components so that they are traceable, easily logged, and recognizable. Doing so puts your company in a position to quickly respond to any issues.

We can also engrave custom serial numbers upon request.


PEG Decorating Custom Glass and Branding Capabilities

At Precision Electronic Glass, we are pleased to offer decaling, laser engraving, and sandblasting. In addition, we also offer serial numbers, scales, logos, and location identifiers.