Finishing Capabilities

Finishing capabilities at PEG are important because they allow virtually unlimited design options. In fact, they are a decisive aspect of any custom glass job and one that we take very seriously here. For that reason, there are many reasons to consider PEG when it comes to finishing work. Because of our design flexibility and experience, many new clients bring a single project to PEG initially. However, they remain with us for years after to assist them with additional unique requirements. And often bring us new designs as they learn more about our capabilities and quality.


A Look at the Results of Our Finishing Capabilities

Certainly, the finishing of glass components is a critical focus of the experts on the PEG team. For example, our special capabilities include sandblasting, ID and OD polishing, and mechanical and fire polishing. Similarly, the finishing work of our PEG team meets constringent parallelism, perpendicularity, and squareness specifications.

Results from our work, for instance, include typical elements such as fire-polished glass components.


PEG Competence Contributes to Unlimited Design Options

Therefore, because of PEG’s flexible cutting and end finishing capabilities, we allow virtually unlimited design options. In short, we meet the most demanding requirements for length, perpendicularity, squareness, and parallelism.


Types of Finishing Work PEG Provides

PEG provides an expansive list of finishing capabilities. For example, our capabilities include annealing, beveling ID and OD, decaling, decorating, diamond saw cutting, and end squaring. In addition, we offer flaring, hole drilling, hot cutting, hot pinning, Kovar hydrogen firing, and laser engraving. Finally, we also offer mechanical polishing, polishing ID and OD, sandblasting ID and OD, serialization, straightening rod and tubing, and surface polishing.