Custom Glass Flow Meters to Measure Inline and Volumetric Flow

Flow meters are devices used to measure the mass or volume and flow rate of a liquid, gas, or vapor moving through a pipe or conduit. There are other names for flow meters. For example, some may refer to them as flow gauges, flow indicators, liquid meters, flow rate sensors, and other names depending on the industry they work in. However, the job is the same. They all measure flow. In fact, even rivers and streams may be measured with flow meters.  Most often you will see flow meters at work measuring the gases and liquids moving through a pipeline.

A compact dosing system uses a flow meter.

We Recognize and Respond to Unique Operational Needs

The primary purpose of a flow meter is to improve the precision, accuracy, and safety of fluid measurement. For that reason, it is important when choosing a manufacturer for flow meters, to consider intangible factors such as the experience of plant personnel with engineering, calibration, and maintenance. The team at Precision Electronic Glass is always prepared to discuss every aspect of the project candidly with you to ensure a mutually beneficial and satisfying outcome.

Flow Meters
A flow meter controls the amount of plasma released in plasma cutting torches.

Six Decades of Creating Top Quality Flow Meters

Since the mid-1960s, Precision Electronic Glass has been manufacturing custom technical glass products including flow meters. In every case, our engineers and designers have studied every aspect of component performance to ensure glass alternatives are up to performance standards for the environment. Glass alternative materials are amazing and can often perform longer and better in environments that are inhospitable for plastics and metals. But ultra temperatures, sounds, impacts, and other environmental dynamics can be unique considerations our experienced team identifies.

Precision flow meters provide accurate monitoring and flow control. Responding to all requirements, we work with a variety of industries to provide glass flow meters. For example, these include aerospace, surveillance, detection, and medical including oxygen delivery systems and pharmaceuticals. Also, we work with industrial, chemical, scientific-analytical, agricultural, communications/data, technical, ICP and OES-MS systems.

Flow Meters
Flow meters at work in gas sampling cabinets.

About PEG

PEG’s mission is to provide customized glass and quartz products and related products and services to OEMs and distributors around the world in countries where our customers operate. Our objective is to fabricate the finest precision glass and quartz components and assemblies to customers’ specifications. Working together with customers, PEG manufactures prototypes; handles small to large production runs; performs value-added assembly, and provides cleanroom processing when specifications dictate the need for it.

Utilizing standard or computer-controlled glass lathe fabrication; glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal graded seals; cutting and end finishing; and precision grinding/polishing, PEG produces a variety of components and value-added assemblies. This includes medical, dental, or industrial glass X-ray tubes, and CO2 or HeNe lasers. In addition, we produce all glass and quartz fabrications in facilities certified to ISO 9001 standards of quality. As a result, our commitment to quality and integrity is in everything we do as our mission statement, corporate values, and quality policy.

precision bore glass tubing
PEG has six decades of experience in making technical glass for a variety of needs.