ICP Components Fabricated from Highest Quality Glass and Quartz Tubing

ICP components from PEG include a variety of glass and quartz components for use in ICP-MS or ICP-OES systems. For example, we provide these components for demountable torches and cyclonic spray chambers. We also custom fabricate the components for bonnets, injectors, and reduction tubes from the highest quality glass and quartz tubing.


The Principle of ICP and Why Glass is Important

icp componentsICP is the abbreviation for Inductively Coupled Plasma and it is one method of optical emission spectrometry. When plasma energy acts on an analysis sample, the component elements (atoms) are excited. After the excited atoms return to a low energy position, the analysis sample releases emission or spectrum rays. This allows for the measurement of the emission rays corresponding to the photon wavelength. The position of the photon rays determines the element type. The rays’ intensity determines the content of each element.

First, argon gas enters the torch coil and high-frequency electric current applied to the work coil at the tip of the torch tube generates plasma. The argon gas uses the electromagnetic field created in the torch tube by the high-frequency current to ionize. This plasma has a high electron density and temperature. As a result, this energy activates the excitation-emission of the sample. Solution samples introduce into the plasma in an atomized state through the narrow tube in the center of the torch tube.


Engineering Unique Components for ICP-OES and ICP-MS Systems

A wide variety of ICP systems are on the market to meet a wide range of changing needs. Replacing components can sometimes become a challenge, especially for older systems. PEG engineers and glass technicians are prepared to assist by customizing to meet the unique needs of every customer. In addition, we ensure quality standards and proper tolerances. Plus, we produce all components to customer specification as a critical function of our quality control.


Meeting the Diverse Challenge of Industry Needs for ICP

As part of our custom glass fabrication business, we fabricate components for applications that require high sensitivity to high throughput. As a result, we supply products for all ICP needs. Finally, our products span a range of industries including environmental, clinical, food and water, geochemical, semiconductor fabrication, and much more..