Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is critical for branding and traceability needs. In order to meet compliance requirements and more, PEG specializes in laser engraving logos and/or serial numbers on quartz. In addition, we engrave on a variety of metals, and engineered plastics.

Our Laser Engraving Includes
Serial Numbers, Logos, and Part Numbers

Laser engraving is a permanent, RoHS & REACH compliant method of marking components with serial numbers, part numbers, logos, positioning marks, and more. In order to meet this need, our in-house laser engraving team specializes in high-precision engraving. For example, we work with quartz, Kovar, and stainless steel components placing artwork within +/- .02″ (.5mm) of its specified location.


Ease the Complexity of Inventory Management and Returns

Inventory problems, returns, and competition are a reality for most manufacturers. However, when avoiding these events is impossible, we help you manage them more efficiently. As a result, we add a serial number that states the week of manufacture, the year, and an order number (wwyy-xxx) to your components so that they are traceable, easily logged, and recognizable. Doing so puts your company in a position to quickly respond to any issues.


Laser Engraving Also Creates Brand Visibility

Whether you are building third-party components or fulfilling stand-alone products and services, having visibility for your brand is critical. This can be especially important for components that have long-life performance as it serves as an easy reminder for your customer when they are ready to replace critical components. Certainly, it is frustrating to spend hours researching old components to find out how to fulfill them. Ease the burden on your client by engraving critical fulfillment information on all installed components so that they can quickly be cross-referenced with invoices and other fulfillment paperwork.


A Few Examples of our Engraved Components