Markets / Applications

Market Application Needs Met by Flexible Engineering Processes

Market application needs vary for Precision Electronic Glass. For that reason, we continuously evolve to keep pace with technology transforming concepts into components that improve lives.

For more than half a century now, we have been partnering with our customers to meet their unique requirements. The designs of PEG’s artisans and engineers help advance technology across a comprehensive variety of applications. These include markets such as medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, physics, and more. In addition, PEG is a partner in the manufacturing of glass components for fiber optics, lasers, semiconductors, and network systems.


A Look at Our Capabilities

PEG specializes in shrinking glass and quartz into precision bore tubing. Additional distinct capabilities include glass fabrication, glass finishing, glass machining, and glass blowing. These techniques allow us to produce a variety of glass components.

Our typical components include glass-to-metal seals, glass-to-glass seals, graded seals, and glass assemblies. PEG forms glass into intricate shapes using skilled glassblowers or automated lathes to fuse glass to glass and glass to metal. By so doing, it provides customers with custom glass parts for components in many industries and applications.


Scientific/Analytical Market Application

From a scientific perspective, PEG currently provides components for medical and other applications using devices that include glass components such as mammography testing, X-ray, and CT-Scans. We also produce components for vascular X-ray, syringes for testing and development of medicines, and flow meters for oxygen delivery systems. In addition, we provide for fiber optics in procedure monitoring, lasers for plastic surgery, and other medical procedures.

Analytic applications using devices that include glass parts are chromatography, elemental analysis, and ICP applications. As such, these provide components for the testing of water, soil, food, petroleum, biofuels, and pharmaceuticals.


Industrial Market Application

Military and protection applications that use devices with glass components include flash lamps used to warn aircraft against heat-seeking missiles and night vision devices. We also make components for X-ray for baggage inspection, jet fuel systems, fire detection and suppression, and more.

Nuclear power is another industrial application using devices that include glass components. Also, motion dampers used in semiconductor manufacturing, vending or ice machines, steel sampling devices, CO2 lasers for cutting and drilling textiles and metals, transmission fluid exchanges for automotive, and ICP applications, among others.