Medical Components

Medical Components Meeting Quality Standards for More Than Five Decades

Medical components often require the use of glass in the manufacturing process due to its unique physical and chemical properties. The extensive use of glass in medicine extends from pharmaceuticals to imaging needs and touches many other applications along the way.

Every kind of glass reacts differently to different environmental conditions. Some allow light to pass through and cause chemical reactions. Meanwhile, others are sensitive to chemical environments. Some materials are brittle in cold conditions and prone to breaking, while others have surfaces that are easily marked or scratched. PEG engineers understand the medical industry and its requirements. We engineer processes and systems to accommodate for specific fabrication needs and meet industry performance requirements.

The Unique Properties of Glass Benefit the Health Industry

Medical components are a specialty of the glassblowers and technicians at Precision Electronic Glass. We expertly shrink glass and quartz tubing into precision bore tubing. In addition, our team handles a wide range of glass fabrication, glass finishing, glass machining, and glassblowing.

Similarly, we produce a unique variety of glass components spanning a range of industries and needs. Other components fabricated by the PEG team include glass-to-metal seals, glass-to-glass seals, graded seals, and glass assemblies.

PEG Medical Components are Hard at Work Helping to Save Lives

You will find glass components from PEG used in general and specialized medical practice, nursing, in the surgical suite, ER, and at the patient’s bedside. For example, one of the most significant areas where our components are in use is diagnostics.

Our team specializes in the fabrication of glass components for mammography testing, x-ray, CT scans, vascular X-ray, syringes for testing, and the development of medicines. Additionally, we manufacture flow meters for oxygen delivery systems. We also produce components for fiber optics in procedure monitoring, lasers for plastic surgery, and other medical procedures.