An overview of Precision Electronic Glass shows first and foremost a focused commitment to deliver top-quality customized glass and quartz products and services around the world. While many of our relationships originate with OEMs and distributors domestically, our customers rely on us for global fulfillment in 23 countries. For that reason, we ensure stringent compliance with all protocols as prescribed by our client’s manufacturing specifications. For a list of compliance certifications, associations, and memberships, please visit this page on our website.


Overview of Precision Electronic Glass

With a commitment to excellence and quality, our goal is total customer satisfaction. Our premium-valued products are delivered on time with unrivaled service. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to continual improvement. To that end, we work with recognized organizations to earn the relevant quality certifications.


Creating Specialty Glass Components for Any Need

At PEG we strive to fabricate the finest precision glass and quartz components and assemblies always to customer specifications. Working with customer directives, the  PEG team engineers and manufactures your prototypes. Our teams also handle small to large production runs and perform value-added assembly.

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At PEG we use many fabrication and finishing techniques such as shrinking, glass blowing, glass machining, and glass grinding to create an array of glass components specific to each of our customers’ needs. Some of these typical components include precision bore tubing, glass-to-metal seals, glass-to-glass seals, graded seals, and glass assemblies.


Meeting the Highest Standards of Quality

PEG produces a variety of components and value-added assemblies using standard or computer-controlled glass lathe fabrication. In addition, we use horizontal and vertical shrink machines, cutting and end finishing, and precision grinding/polishing. For example, our components are in medical, dental, or industrial glass X-ray tubes, CO2, or HeNe lasers. All glass and quartz fabrications are produced in facilities certified to ISO 9001: 2015 standards of quality. Our commitment to quality and integrity in everything we do is reflected in our mission statement, corporate values, and quality policy.