Precision Bore Glass Tubing for Your Industrial Needs

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Precision bore glass tubing and precision bore quartz tubing that meets the highest standards are among the hallmark products of Precision Electronic Glass (PEG). With our ultra-accurate precision bore (PB) shrinking process, our glass and quartz tubing meets your most stringent inner diameter (ID) requirements. As a result, we produce inner diameters ranging from 0.011” to 10” and meet tolerances of +/- .02% on more than 140 spindles available. In addition, PEG accommodates prototype to production quantities in a vast range of shapes and sizes. Therefore, PEG is well-positioned to manufacture for your unique needs.

Quality is at the forefront of the PEG team. For example, we have inspectors in each department ensuring that your components meet your specifications every step of the way. Finally, once your components are completed, our quality team completes a final inspection before the team packs and ships to you.

Consequently, PEG accommodates prototype to production quantities in a vast range of shapes and sizes.

Similarly, our typical components include syringe glass, flow meters, precision bore tubing, capillary tubing, laser components, and more.


PEG Components Help Make Your Great Products Even Better

Our components are found in an array of applications. For instance, our unique pneumatic actuator products provide unparalleled force accuracy by eliminating friction from the working elements. Also, these products satisfy the actuation requirements. They range from undemanding levels of air cylinder force output for the most basic uses to almost imperceptible degrees of accuracy for the most precise applications.

Similarly, you will find our PB glass used in precision fluidic components for analytical and clinical chemistry OEM instrumentation. For example, our parts are used in auto sampling equipment:  precision glass syringes, rotary/shear valves, and positive displacement pumps.

Mass spectrometry also relies on our precision bore components to identify unknown compounds. It does so using molecular weight determination to quantify known compounds and to establish the structure and chemical properties of molecules through its ionization source, mass analyzer, and ion detection system

Our OEM customers use PEG PB components in a wide variety of applications ranging from cutting-edge laboratory and medical uses to advanced instrumentation in labs, transportation, research and development, and much more.


Along with Precision Bore Glass Tubing, PEG Offers a Variety of Components

Among our typical components, we produce high-pressure sight glass, dashpot/piston barrels, vacuum jackets, syringe barrels/glass, flow meters, capillary tubing, laser components, and more.


We Use Precision Bore to Fabricate
a Wide Array of Components

  • Burets
  • Capillary glass tubing
  • Centrifuge tubes
  • Chromatography columns
  • Fiber optic reflectors
  • Flowmeters
  • Glass syringes
  • High vacuum valves
  • Glass tube laminating
  • Laser components
  • Multibore tubing
  • Noncircular tubing
  • Quartz precision bore
  • Precision bore tubing
  • Drawn precision tubing
  • Precision redraw blanks
  • X-ray tubes


Types of Glass

Finally, we work with the many different glass types including quartz, Pyrex glass, soda-lime glass, 8330 borosilicate glass, 8245, and 8447. Further, we work with HLQ 200, 8448, HLQ 210, 8250, 8487, and 8449. Moreover, we work with HLQ 100, Cerium doped quartz, HLQ 270, Simax, and HLQ 300 Quartz.


Brand names:  Heraues, Momentum
Types: Fused Silica, UV quartz, HLQ200/210/270, HSQ300, Cerium dopped, GE214/219/224


Brand names: Schott, Simax, Corning, Duran, Kimble
Types:Borosilicate, Float glass, Pyrex, Sodalime, 8330, 8245, 8487, 8250, 8447, 8448, 8449, 7740, 0120, 7052, AR-Glas, B270