Prototyping and Engineering

Prototyping and engineering custom glass components are the professional focus of our team at Precision Electronic Glass. Typical Components include glass-to-metal seals, glass-to-glass seals, graded seals, and glass assemblies.


Complete, Dedicated Engineering and Manufacturing of Your Glass Prototypes

Prototyping and engineering custom glass components are the professional focus of our team at Precision Electronic Glass.

PEG’s state-of-the-art glass component prototype service is 100% dedicated to engineering, manufacturing, and testing your prototypes. As a result, we will complete and build your glass prototype. Our professional engineers meet speed to market expectations with reduced turnaround times. In addition, our partnership capabilities take you from design to prototype to mass production. Plus, we provide you with top-notch service and commitment unmatched by other glass fabricators all along the way.

PEG takes great pride in providing the support our customers need to successfully take a project from the design stage to the completed product. For example, we understand that with new technology placing greater demands on our customers, it is important to deal with a glass and quartz fabricator who understands the material properties and your design specifications. Because we can meet all formulation needs, no matter the chemical and physical properties, you can prepare for success on any project challenge. Having researched and tested raw glass materials from all over the world, we have created an extensive list of national and international providers. This means PEG can meet your glass fabrication needs with a variety of materials at varying price points.


Prototyping Capabilities to Fit Your Needs

PEG’s outstanding sourcing capabilities eliminate all of the hardships that come from doing business in today’s complicated world. The search for reputable and competent suppliers is a breeze when you work with our team. Similarly, we have years of experience helping customers choose the right material for a wide variety of highly sophisticated applications. Plus, we provide the fabrication capabilities to take each job from start to finish. Further to guiding you to the right material(s), our engineering staff will work with your design team every step of the way to ensure your project meets or exceeds specifications.


Full-Service Prototyping Support

At PEG, our prototyping and engineering support includes customer specification evaluation, design assistance, and engineering review. Most importantly, it includes our 55+ years of engineering experience.