Quality is Certain with PEG’s State-of-the-Art Inspection Equipment

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do at Precision Electronic Glass. Utilizing PEG’s state-of-the-art inspection equipment and more than 55 years of experience, our team ensures top-notch manufacturing processes every step of the way. Some examples or our inspection equipment include 3D microscopes, calipers, height gauges, digital, and LED, and laser micrometers. Optical comparator, ultrasonic thickness gauges, granite plates, polariscopes, rings, plugs, helium leak tester, sunen bore gauge measuring system, ID & OD air gauges, template gauge, smart scope, and surface roughness gauge (profilometer).


Our Quality System Provides a Wide Array of Inspection and Testing Services

As a custom precision glass product manufacturer, the PEG team maintains a comprehensive quality system capable of providing a myriad of inspection and quality testing services.

Each department has a unique quality inspection area. Additionally, operators certify their work during the manufacturing process before sending the job to inspection. We also work with customer supplied inspection equipment. Plus, we make rings, plugs, and template gauges in our machine shop for immediate response to inspection needs.

Our equipment includes the latest precision inspection equipment such as video microscopes, optical comparators, and a wide variety of gauging and measuring devices. Specific inspection methods depend on the product itself as well as individual customer specifications. We can test to applicable ASTM, Mil-Spec, nuclear, and ISO standards for a wide array of customers including the defense, medical, scientific research, petrochemical, and water purification industries.


Quality Assurance with Custom Components by PEG

We utilize some of the latest technology to check and recheck the validity of our custom components. For example, some of the tools we use include air gauges, hand-measuring tools, and helium leak detection. Others include laser micrometer and optical comparators. In addition, our quality lab features a polarimeter/polariscope, smart scopes (optical measurement system), standard gauges, surface roughness gauge, video microscopes, and ultrasonic thickness gauges.


PEG’s Policy Based on Our Commitment to Excellence

Our Quality Policy is based on a commitment to excellence. Consequently, our goal is total customer satisfaction. As a result, we deliver premium-valued products, on time, with unrivaled service, and we dedicate ourselves to continual improvement. To that end, we work with recognized organizations to earn relevant quality certifications.

PEG is registered to the ISO 9001 Standard. Certificate Number US95/0372 was issued by SGS International Certification Services, Inc.