Scientific Analytical

Scientific Analytical Glass Components Benefit from Three Generations of Innovation

Scientific analytical components are at the heart of our manufacturing heritage at Precision Electronic Glass and have helped form the foundation of our business for three generations. Our team specializes in shrinking glass and quartz tubing into precision bore tubing. In addition, our capabilities include glass fabrication and finishing.


A Heritage of Scientific Analytical Glass Innovation

Thanks to years of innovation, we develop solutions that are future-forward and help our customers advance the design of their products. To that end, our research and engineered processes make us the best choice for custom glassblowing, fabrication, modification, design, and repair of scientific-analytical components.  Every aspect of your project garners individual attention while our equipment and tooling expertise produces a broad array of glass components to satisfy unique needs across a diverse range of industries.

This combined custom glassblowing and manufacturing experience represents over a century of quality craftsmanship at PEG.  Consequently, we have been established as a family-owned and operated glass components manufacturer since 1962.


Proven Processes for Successful Solutions
in Scientific Analytical Glass

Using our proven glass machining and glassblowing processes to produce a variety of glass components, we proudly provide scientific-analytical specialties for chromatography and elemental analysis. Similarly, we create components for use in testing of water, soil, food, petroleum, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, ICP Applications, and more.

Our typical components include glass-to-glass seals, graded seals, and glass assemblies.


Do You Have a Complex Issue?
We Welcome the Challenge

Our design and engineering team truly loves solving problems. As a result, we walk through your process with you — step-by-step — to discover top-quality solutions with the best ROI. Our accreditations and certifications provide peace of mind that you have the best team on your side.

Ask about our unique case studies. Certainly, we are happy to anonymously demonstrate challenges and solutions. These provide an inside look at how we achieve unprecedented success in meeting today’s demands for advanced technologies. Finally, know that your business success, confidence, and confidentiality are foremost at PEG.