Ultra Accurate Grinding and Polishing

Ultra-accurate grinding and polishing of cylindrical glass and quartz are a specialty of Precision Electronic Glass. Likewise, our capabilities include concentric grinding: steps/shoulders and contour/profile grinding while holding stringent concentricity/parallelism specifications and demanding outside diameter (OD) tolerances.

Ultra Accurate Grinding for a Wide Variety of Components

PEG provides ultra-accurate grinding for syringe barrels, ground and polished tubing, and pointed tips/(prisms). These are all examples of typical components that our team manufactures.

However, greater sophistication is also now demanded by most new technologies. As a result, high-quality, ultra-accurate grinding and polishing operations are essential. Therefore, we produce a new generation in precision outer diameter requirements. At PEG, we grind and polish very precise cylindrical outer diameters (OD) up to 8 inches and hold wall concentricity tolerances to .0005” or better when specifications demand it. Further, we handle lengths up to 170 inches.


Wide-Ranging Capabilities
Allow Unique Custom Engineering Options

For example, our capabilities include beveling, core drilling to .03 inches, OD polishing glass tubing/rods and centerless grinding. In addition, we also handle end finishing, along with flats up to 27 inches and mechanical polishing. Finally, we do concentric grinding up to 40 inches, manage multiple diameters, precision pestles, and step grinding.


No Matter the Project Specs,
PEG Transforms Most Glass Types to Suit All Needs

Besides, we convert a variety of glass types suitable for most industrial, medical, and scientific needs. First, we enhance quartz, Pyrex glass, soda-lime glass, 8330 Borosilicate, 8245, and 8447. Secondly, we work with 8448, 8250, 8487, 8449, HLQ 200, and HLQ 210. Furthermore, we also work with HLQ 100, HLQ 270, cerium doped quartz, HLQ 300 quartz, and Simax.


A Gallery View of Our Products