Memorial Day Tribute with Family and Friends in 2021

Memorial Day tribute at Precision Electronic Glass will result in closing for Memorial Day after a long pandemic year.  We are extremely grateful that people across the nation are finally able to gather in groups as we honor those who have given their lives in service to our country. Sadly, and in so many ways, that list grew in 2020-21 because of all the people we lost during the pandemic. While not officially enlisted men and women engaged in war, still they fought as we all did in the war waged against this pandemic. We honor all who have given so much this Memorial Day. They are all valiant heroes who will be remembered by family and friends the world over.

Warm wishes from our families at Precision Electronic Glass to you and yours on Memorial Day. Our deepest gratitude goes to the fallen men and women, to their loved ones, and to first responders everywhere. Thank you for all you do and have done. Most importantly, from our hearts, thank you for giving us a chance to help make this world a better place through our work and service in support of you.

In honor of these brave men and women, and of our own hard workers, PEG has special Memorial Day tribute hours. We will be closed Monday, May 31, 2021. However, we will resume regular operations on Tuesday, June 1.

memorial day
American Legion Remembrance Day Parade on May 30, 1925. Library of Congress.

The Birth of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the official day that we remember all who have died serving in the American armed forces. In the beginning, the holiday was known as Decoration Day. First held after the Civil War, it honored the Union and Confederate dead.  Subsequently, three cities claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day — Charleston, S.C., Waterloo, N.Y., Columbus, Ga.

The holiday was originally celebrated on May 30. However, it did not gain a strong following until after World War II and it wasn’t officially named Memorial Day until 1967. In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Holiday Act designating Memorial Day as the last Monday in May. As a result of its timing at the end of May, it is also the unofficial beginning of summer.

Memorial Day
Black troops at the Memorial Day parade, Washington, D.C., circa May 1942. Library of Congress.

About PEG

PEG’s mission is to provide customized glass and quartz products and related services to OEMs and distributors. For that reason, we work globally in all countries where our customers operate. Our objective is to fabricate the finest precision glass and quartz components and assemblies to customers’ specifications. Working together with customers, PEG manufactures prototypes; handles small to large production runs; performs value-added assembly, and provides cleanroom processing when specifications dictate the need for it.

Utilizing standard or computer-controlled glass lathe fabrication; glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal graded seals; cutting and end finishing; and precision grinding/polishing. PEG produces components and value-added assemblies, including medical, dental, or industrial glass X-ray tubes, CO2, or HeNe lasers. Similarly, we produce all glass and quartz fabrications in facilities certified to ISO 9001 standards of quality. In conclusion, our commitment to quality and integrity in everything we do is reflected in our mission statement, corporate values, and quality policy.